First Application Bringing the Concept of a Marketplace
to Legal Services Market in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

شاور SHAWER ask a lawyer

Ask a new legal question and pay for it,
or interact with an old one for free

شاور SHAWER hire a lawyer

Request a practice request and get
the best-recommended lawyer to represent you

Legal Help On The Go

Our platform is region-specific and supports the unique set of features, including:

  • 2 types of user (individual & Commercial).
  • Detailed Personal Profile.
  • Coins Credit Balance.
  • Bilingual Application.
  • Unique Authorized Lawyers Directory.
  • Anonymity for Consumers.
  • Two-Level Attorneys Control System.
  • Many Fields and Sub-Fields of Law.
  • Multiple Case Interaction Types Between Lawyers and Consumers.
  • Good for Advice Sessions, Legal Documents Drafting and Review, Business Formation and More.
SHAWER User Features
Personal Profile Quick Statistics Coins Balance Profile Details Case Creation

Interact with your Case

See the status of your question or request and interact with your question according to the action taken by the lawyer you selected, to get the best answer.

شاور SHAWER case status open or closed
Case Status

Your question or request status is either still unfulfilled & open or it's been fulfilled & closed

شاور SHAWER lawyer want more details
More Details

The lawyer viewed your question and requested more details to answer you better. reply to the request for free

شاور SHAWER lawyer want your feedback

The lawyer viewed your question and answer it, but requested your feedback on the answer. reply to the request for free

شاور SHAWER question must be rated

The lawyer did answer your question and closed the case from his side. the last thing you need to do is rating the answer


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SHAWER App interface
SHAWER App interface
SHAWER App interface
SHAWER App interface
SHAWER App interface
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